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15 Tweets That Will Inspire You To Help Other People This Year

There are so many ways to help so many different people. Start your year off right!

1. If you're passionate about education programs:

More "my 1st one" projects to come! Help us expand our #coding programs. #Donate today!

2. If you want to protect civil liberties:

Happy New Year! In 2017 and beyond, we in the ACLU will be carrying the #Constitution forward. Please join us:…

3. If you think every child, veteran, and senior in America should have enough to eat:

America will only live up to its true potential when everyone has quality, nutritious food to eat:…

4. If unity and helping others is your thing:

On #inauguration day. Find a great volunteer project, drop off food/clothes at a shelter, donate blood. A way to show that we stand together

5. If music education is something important to you:

Music had such a profound impact on my life. If you're passionate about music education then consider helping @NAMM

6. If you want to help the homeless:

Last year the #sub0mission delivered 1019 gloves. Here’s how you can donate items to help #homeless stay warm.

7. If you just wanna help take care of all the pets:

Shelter, food & water are especially important to outdoor cats in cold weather. Here's how you can help them:…

8. If you're passionate about stopping domestic violence:

Support the vision of a society with zero tolerance towards domestic violence and abusers. @ncadv #TakeAStand

9. If you want to preserve our beautiful Earth:

Concerned about the planet and want to be sure someone is upholding our environmental laws? Consider @Earthjustice:

10. If city renewal is something you're passionate about:

It's here! Click this link to join our nationwide volunteer force and make our cities and towns beautiful again!

11. If you want to help those with autism:

Want to #volunteer for @autismspeaks? Email us at and follow @autismvotes to learn more!

12. If you love the constitution and the freedom of the press:

Support CPJ - Committee to Protect Journalists - Defending the right of journalists to report the news w/o reprisal.

13. If you want to help people with disabilities:

#GivingTuesday: Help protect the rights and promote policy changes on behalf of people with disabilities with @DREDF

14. If the freedom of expression is a passion point of yours:

Such a glorious way of showcasing Cohen’s powerful words. #Democracy is essential viewing in support of @PENamerican

15. If you want to help women get equal and fair treatment:

Help elect more women! #thefutureisfemale Support @emilyslist

Together we can work to make the world a better place. This year, join A Place at the Table to help end hunger in America.

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