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13 Insane Fair Foods You Need To Eat This Summer

Foodbeast ate through all the new offerings at the OC Fair to bring you this essential report. YOU DESERVE THIS.

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1. Deep-Fried Doritos / Via

Doritos covered in batter, then deep-fried. Somehow they get lighter and flakier in the process. Couple your order with some Ranch dipping sauce and have yourself a good time, probably one of the most necessary finger foods you should try at the fair this year. $8.75


5. Deep Fried Chicken Skins + Deep Fried White Castle Burger + Deep Fried Doritos + Deep Fried Cookie Dough / Via

Geoff‘s eccentricities getting the best of him, and deciding he wanted to taste all of Chicken Charlie’s new delicacies in one bite.

7. Giant Pop Rocks Donut / Via

A humongous, pancake-sized warm fluffy donut with a warm pink icing and topped with Cherry Pop Rocks. The donut is what makes this thing credible, the dough is perfect, the warm fry keeps it edible for awhile and it’s a messy delight for everyone involved. $8.75


8. Pickle Dog: A Corn Dog with a Pickle Inside / Via

A bit pricey, but one of the most delicious and unique things at the fair for 2014. This booth hollows out a giant pickle, sticks a weiner-on-a-stick through it, and then batters and fries the entire thing. If you’re a fan of pickles and corndogs respectively, you’ll relish in this extravagant new food item (get it?).

10. Deep Fried Bacon-wrapped Turkey Leg / Via

We’ve seen turkey legs before. We’ve seen bacon-wrapped turkey legs before. But never have we see deep-fried bacon wrapped around an enormous multiple-pound turkey leg — and frankly, it was absolutely delicious. The Guinness Beer-battered bacon really shines and the turkey leg remains ample. If you plan on enjoying the entire thing with multiple people, I’d recommend jumping on a table with a few plates, and start shaving the entire thing off the bone — otherwise after a few bites you’ll all be sharing the same, saliva-ridden meat dumbbell. $20

11. Naked shrimp, rice and pineapple-pineapple bowl / Via

YES. I can’t believe it either — we’re talking about a dish that’s not deep fried and it won’t immediately send you into a cardiac arrest, but it was one of the most delicious, fulfilling and scrumptious things at the fair. The shrimp has a crazy good marinade, the pineapples are cut fresh and the sticky rice absorbs the flavor of the half pineapple it’s sitting in. $14.75


13. Chili Relleno Chorizo Burger on a Pretzel Bun / Via

A chili relleno, chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, regular hamburger patty, chorizo burger patty, all on a pretzel bun. At $15.75 it was a little on the expensive side for a burger, but damn was it tasty.

14. Deep-Fried Jack Daniel's-Infused Churro Wrapped in Bacon / Via

It comes with a side of whipped cream and maple syrup, but I highly recommend trying the entire dish sans any of the fancy toppings and letting the Jack Daniel’s shine through. The flavors are fantastic — essentially breakfast in your mouth.

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