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How To Make Ridiculously Easy And Delicious Chai

Because we aren't into overpriced coffee shops either.

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Step 1: Start with whole spices.

To make the best chai ever, start with whole spices and grind them yourself (except for the ginger; use ground ginger). This also saves money because you'll have a bunch of chai spice mixture to make tons of chai whenever you want.

You'll need: black peppercorns, whole cinnamon sticks, ground ginger, cardamom pods, whole cloves, and whole nutmeg to make your chai masala seasoning mix. You'll also need milk, water, and black tea like Ceylon or Assam later on to make the Chai tea. '


Step 5: Bring the ground spices to a simmer with water, milk, and some black tea.

Once it comes to a simmer, cover and remove from the heat. Allow to steep for 5 minutes. Strain. Sweeten to Taste. Drink. Be warm. Feel happy.

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