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    How To Make A Fourth Of July Flag Cake

    USA! USA!

    Photo: Mark Weinberg / Graphic: Chris Ritter
    All photos by Mark Weinberg / Via

    1. First you will need to bake five cakes. For real.

    Two regular cakes (they will be white), two that are tinted with red food coloring, and one that is tinted blue โ€” all in a 9" circular cake pan. Get the full recipe on Food52.

    2. Slice the 2 white cakes and 2 red cakes in half.

    You need to wait until they're cool, and the halves need to be even. Leave the blue layer whole.

    3. Using a cookie cuter or bowl, slice a circle out of one of the red layers, one of the white layers, and the blue layers.

    You won't need the outer rings of the white and red layers nor the inner circle of the blue layer for the cake, but save them for a snack later. Use a 4" round cookie-cutter (or a bowl) to cut a hole into one of the red layers, one of the white layers, and the blue layer. We promise you won't have holes in your final cake.

    4. Stack a full red cake layer, then a white, then red, then white, and put a layer of frosting in between.

    Make sure keep to keep the frosting thin so that you don't ruin the stripes.

    5. Stack the blue doughnut-shaped cake on top, then put the red circle inside with the top frosted.

    6. Put the white circle on top of the red circle.

    7. Add frosting.

    The fun part: Frost the cake with creamy frosting using a small offset spatula. Be sure to make it nice and swirly.

    8. Celebrate your genius and liberty in America by eating a huge slice.

    Make sure to slice your cake in front of a crowd so you can blow their minds.