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How To Make Amazing Chocolate Mousse With Just Water And Chocolate

A Valentine's Day miracle!

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Here's what you'll need.

3/4 cup (6 ounces) water

8 ounces of your favorite high-quality chocolate



two aluminum mixing bowls — one larger than the other

a whisk

a saucepan

(don't let this "tools" list scare you — this is going to be easy!)


Then whisk, hard, for several minutes.


You can use an electric mixer if you must, but watch it very closely — your mousse will thicken fast. We recommend doing it with a whisk the first time — it's better to get the hang of it by hand.

The reason this works is that you're making an emulsion: As you whisk, microscopic bits of water get suspended in the fat, thickening it and making it seem creamier. (It's the same process for a vinaigrette or mayonnaise.) Then still more air is whipped into it and the cooling chocolate crystallizes around the air bubbles to make a stable foam, aka mousse.

The best thing about it — aside from its dumbfounding simplicity — is that it tastes like pure, unobstructed chocolate. There's no cream or egg to confuse the issue, like in normal mousses. It also happens to be vegan, if you use dark chocolate without any added milk.

Get into the science of it here.

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