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    21 Cute Kitchen Gifts You Probably Don't Need

    But will absolutely want anyway. And since we at food52 just launched an online store, we'd like to tempt you with some.

    1. Vintage Jam Serving Spoons

    Each one a unique snowflake. How could you survive afternoon high tea without them?

    Vintage Jam Serving Spoon, $15 — available at Food52's new online kitchen and home shop, Provisions.

    2. Hand-Braided Apple Baskets

    For all your frolicking-through-orchard needs.

    Hand-Braided Apple Baskets, $60 (set of two).

    3. Wood Egg Cups

    You get a seat at the table, so why shouldn't your eggs?

    Cara Wood Egg Cup, $20.

    4. 24K Gold-Plated Jigger

    To make cocktails for all the royalty you entertain.

    24K Gold-Plated Jigger, $34.

    5. Leather Knife Wrap

    Because how else are you going to transport the oyster knife to a shoreside cookout?

    Wellfleet Oyster, Little Neck Clam, & Crab Knives + Leather Wrap, $150.

    6. Old-Fashioned Popcorn Popper

    Microwaves are so 99%.

    Popcorn Popper, $35.

    7. Trident Bar Spoon

    Who doesn't want to feel like a Greek god when mixing up cocktails?

    Trident Bar Spoon, $12.

    8. Ceramic Ice Cream Cone

    The smaller the bowl, the more times you're allowed to refill it with ice cream.

    Ceramic Ice Cream Cone, $6.

    9. Pine Wood Pie Box

    Maybe your pie isn't this beautiful, but it should still travel in style.

    PieBox, $35.

    10. Marble Rolling Pin

    When you've got marble countertops, you need marble EVERYTHING.

    Marble Rolling Pin, $90.

    11. Marble Cheese Board

    No, seriously, everything.

    Marble Cheese Board, $32.

    12. Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser

    13. Individual Casserole Dishes

    FACT: Everything's cuter when it's miniature.

    Pillivuyt Eden Individual Casseroles, $52 (set of two).

    14. Copper Moscow Mule Mug

    15. Stoneware Cupcake Liners

    Paper liners just won't cut it anymore.

    Versatile Cupcake Liners, $10 (set of six).

    16. Wooden Breakfast Trays

    17. Tiny Ceramic Bowls

    Having bowls that you can actually fit stuff in is SO last year.

    EPA Tiny Bowl, $12.

    18. Designer Mortar & Pestle

    19. Condiment Kettles

    Suddenly that ketchup squeeze-bottle isn't looking so hot.

    Pillivuyt Custard/Condiment Kettle, $52 (set of four).

    20. Footed Cake Platter

    Every cake is a princess, and deserves to be treated as such.

    Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter, $99.

    21. Three-Tier Wooden Stand

    Studies show that appetizers displayed at least 6 inches above the table appear 72% more delicious to guests.*

    Bleached Acacia Three-Tier Stand, $78.

    *this is made up

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