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13 Reasons Why You Have To Spend A Halloween In New Orleans

The home of jazz and voodoo totally knows how to party all year-round. But Halloween weekend in particular is full of fun and fierce celebrations! Follow your spirit, follow your spookiness, and Follow Your NOLA!

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1. Because it's about time you hopped on board!

Courtesy of New Orleans Tourism

What other city has a written history of letting you be who you are? New Orleans' perpetual celebratory spirit, flamboyance, and bright revelry make it the perfect place to embrace equality. There's never a shortage of romance in these historical streets either, making it quite the desirable destination to have a honeymoon among a community with arms wide open.

2. Because there's really nothing better than a theme party, right?

Halloween New Orleans started in 1983 as a simple gathering of friends to provide support for other friends in need. The network has grown so much over the decades that the unofficial gathering has transformed into a buzzing weekend-long celebration for the national LGBT community, renowned as the wildest time the city sees every year! This year, on its 30th anniversary, there's even an installation being built out with relics of the past at the Stonewall National Museum & Archives so the legend lives on for future generations. Getting decked out is SO much better when you're on a mission and every event each year is tweaked to fit the annual theme. This year's is no exception!

3. Because benefiting others has never been so fun.

No matter how hard you party, your participation directly benefits those in need. 100% of the proceeds from Halloween New Orleans events go to Project Lazarus – New Orleans' wellness home for men and women with AIDS. Over $4.6 million dollars has been donated to Project Lazarus over the 29 years of Halloween New Orleans.

4. Because there isn't a more special time or place to make a toast!

Throw a couple back, stroll famous neighborhoods like Marigny and Bywater with new friends, and check some of New Orleans' best new bars that still stand up to old traditions, like Booty's Street Food, The Country Club, Bellocq, SoBou, or Loa.

6. Because you'll get the chance to dance among ghosts of Halloween past!

justindula / Via Flickr: justindula

Halloween New Orleans' first big party from 1984 is being recreated this year, in its original location! Friday night's event will be hosted at the Civic Theatre, where the legend began.

Creativity makes all the difference to stand out at such a superb event, so why not assemble a solid crew before hitting the red carpet?! "The more, the merrier" is the New Orleans M.O., so curate your coordination for the best showing ever on Halloween!

9. Because your competitive side is super fierce.

Saturday's party also includes a costume parade! A chance to strut your stuff, take centerstage, and show off all that effort for major glory. Honors include Best Costume, Best Group, Best Production Value, Best Pun, Most "Politically Correct," and more, so get ready to WORK IT.

10. Because when you're partied out, the best kind of recovery awaits you with open arms!

The finale of Halloween New Orleans is none other than a spectacle that keeps the spirited vibes of the weekend and the city alive! Start the day with the House of Blues' Gospel Brunch, and sashay to the heart of gay New Orleans on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann with a second line leading the way.

11. Because there's no better place to explore your creepy side.

New Orleans is a notoriously haunted city. A visit on such a spooky weekend wouldn't be complete without seeking out some lost souls and spirits! If you dare, try staying in a haunted hotel, like The Provincial (a former hospital), or The Andrew Jackson Hotel (a former boarding school).

13. Because all of the rules (or lack thereof) still apply.

Where else could possibly be better to get in touch with your wild side than a place that lets you take your drinks as you travel, is welcoming of your flying flag, and never seems to shut down? New Orleans is the only answer – just watch your back for the zombies of Bourbon Street.