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    Posted on Jan 22, 2015

    13 Gorgeous Book Covers From The Folger Shakespeare Library Collection

    Go analog in a digital world with these amazing bindings from the Folger’s Digital Image Collection.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Tommaso Campeggi. De coelibatu sacerdotum non abrogando. Venice, 1554.Mid 18th century binding with decoration by early 20th century artist. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Bible. OT. Psalms. London, 1689. English binding with silver center plate and monogram, ca. 1690. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Rebound and reboxed to commemorate the Folger's 60th anniversary, this edition of Shakespeare’s Sonnets features a jewelled binding by Frank Mowery.

    William Shakespeare.The Sonnets of William Shakespeare. New York City, 1990. Frank Mowery binding. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Thomas Sternhold. The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the use of the Church of England; Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Pointed as They are to be Sung or Said in Churches. London, 1678. A binding by the “Queen’s Binder B,” ca. 1680. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    John Bradford. Godlie Meditations Upon the Lordes Prayer, the Beleefe, and Ten Commaundementes. London, 1622. Early 18th century German (?) silver book cover, over a 20th century calfskin binding. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    W. B. (William Blake fl. 1650-1670). The Ladies Charity School-House Roll of Highgate: or a Subscription of Many Noble, Well-Disposed Ladies for the Easie Carrying of it On. London, 1670. A London binding by the “Charity School Binder,” ca. 1670. Red goatskin over rope-fiber boards with gilt decoration. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    William Shakespeare. Sentiments and Similes. London, 1857. Papier-mâché binding, ca. 1857. Black papier-mâché boards with terra-cotta cameos showing Shakespeare’s initials on the front, and sheepskin spine blocked in gold. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    William Shakespeare. King Henry VI. Part 2-3. London, 1619. A binding by the Club Bindery for Robert Hoe, finished by Leon Mallard, 1907. Red goatskin over millboards with green goatskin onlays and all-over gilt decoration. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Monsieur Jean de Bernières Louvigny. Chrestien intérieur. Antwerp, 1684. A London binding with inlays and onlays, ca. 1684. Black goatskin over rope-fiber (?) boards. Gilt decoration with cream and citron leather inlays and onlays. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    William Shakespeare. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies. London, 1623. First Flio no. 79, rebound in the 1990s by Scott Husby, original binding fragments (possibly by Christian Samual Kalthoeber) circa 1800s, housed in folder under the new binding. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Robert Parsons. First Booke of the Christian Exercise. Rouen, 1585. 18th century Dutch? Silver book cover. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    William Shakespeare. The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare : According to the Improved Text of Edmund Malone, Including the Latest Revisions. London, 1848. Mid 19th century English publisher’s binding. Folger Shakespeare Library.


    Folger Shakespeare Library / Via

    Some of the most striking books in the Folger collection carry amazing histories: this 1568 Bible was given to Queen Elizabeth I herself.

    The Holie Bible. London, 1568. Binding, from a 4x5 color transparency. Folger Shakespeare Library.

    Find out more about the Folger Shakespeare Library and its collection at

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