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Why Goldeneye Is Still The Best First Person Shooter Ever

Its been going for 17 years

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The Cheats


The cheats gave this game something extra that no FPS has had since. Battlefield would be 10 times better if it had "Paintball Mode" in it. And Just imagine Call of Duty with "Big Head Mode". It would be brilliant.

Crotch Shots


Everyone who played the game would have done this at least once. When you shoot one of the NPC's square in the junk and watch them writhe in pain for a while. We're not proud of doing it....OK we're a little proud.

Using Oddjob


The new FPS's have all the players the same size. Kids these days won't understand the frustration of having a child-sized player shooting at you, especially when you only have the one analogue stick to move around and aim with. Making Oddjob practically impossible to hit.

The Music

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Just hearing a few chords of the song takes you back to the 90's.

Screen Watching


With 4 people using the same screen to play, it was inevitable that someone would look and see where the other players are hiding. While widely believed to be cheating, it was allowed to screen watch the cheater who picked Oddjob to have an advantage.


They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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