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5 Reasons Why American Dad Will Always Be Better Than Famiy Guy

All Hail The Smiths!

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With both new seasons of "American Dad" and "Family Guy" due to air in the next couple of weeks I thought I'd turn my attention on why Seth McFarlane should put all of his time, effort and resources into just American Dad and allow Family Guy to die a dignified death.

I'm not a hater of Family Guy at all, I want to get that out there. But the following reasons are just killing it.

The chicken fights.

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This is a joke that's been running on for far too long now. We get it. Peter and a giant chicken fight for however long you need them to fill air time in a sub-par episode. Its been done so many times that I don't think anyone can remember where it originally came from. I would be happy to hear from anyone who doesn't sigh when a new fight starts in an episode.

Conway Twitty.

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I've honestly given up on this joke now. I will happily jump forward in an episode just so I don't have to listen to it. Annoyingly enough, Mr McFarlane seems to find it hilarious to use longer and longer songs as the joke progresses. It wasn't even funny the first time.

It's used for the same reason as the Chicken Fight mentioned above, just as filler to pad out a short episode.

American Dad is actually funny.


Family Guy was funny up until some point in 2005. For reference, that's 2 years before the first iPhone was released. Ever since then it's just been the same jokes over and over.

The vomit jokes in Family Guy.


This, yet again, is another joke that has been done to death. Getting longer and longer each time in an attempt to be humerous. This one actually makes me feel ill seeing it now.

The musical numbers.

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These actually show off some of Seth McFarlane's talent. Although they are funny, they break up the flow of the episode.

The new season of "American Dad" airs September 14 with "Family Guy" September 28. Let's just hope McFarlane has upped the ante this time round.

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