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18 Pictures Of Rude Fruit And Vegetables

For chefs with a dirty mind

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It's Monday, and Mondays suck. So to brighten the start of your working week, here's some food that didn't turn out right.

1. This pepper

Refining Fire Chiles / Via

2. This carrot

3. This tomato

4. This other carrot

5. This coconut

Technically, it's a coco de mer.

Technically, it's a coco de mer.

6. These radishes

7. This cucumber

8. This potato

9. This orange

10. This apple

11. This third carrot

Seriously, whats wrong with carrots?

Seriously, whats wrong with carrots?

12. These bell peppers

13. This strawberry


14. This mushroom

15. This eggplant

16. This pear

17. This other potato

18. And finally, this giant granadilla

Happy Monday internet.

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