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    • foleye4

      Wow….they left out so many! Like - 1) If anything even vaguely controversial (interesting) happens, they cut it out. Such as if your date pinches your arse are you’re on the way out because he’s gotten really REALLY drunk. 2) They steer you towards choosing certain menus because they know it’ll make for better tv. 3) They refuse to film pickers in gyms anymore as their kind of social “about me” bit in the beginning because so many people have done it. 4) Everything interesting that you say has to be refilmed so many times that by the time they get the version they finally show, it looks kind of fake and awkward. 5) They stop you in the middle of dinner to steer the conversation, like saying - ok so why doesn’t one of you ask the other about their last relationship? 6) You’re not allowed to talk to your date when they’re cooking, even if it’s in the same room that you’re in, because they’re filming apart so you’re just sitting there on your own in weird silence. 7) They sometimes use this film of you in silence to make it look like you’re waiting ages for food at certain points or are really bored……
      I could go on!

    • foleye4

      He wasn’t really a security threat but that’s sometimes a line airlines will use when people are being douche bags and need to be called on it. I have loads of friends who work in the airlines industry and they use “safety threat” to get rid of anyone from completel drunks throwing up everywhere and those who are literally trying to grope the staff. I understand when you deal with the public (I was a waitress for 10 years) you have to put up with a certain amount of crap, but where do you draw the line? They have a procedure and he was throwing a fit because they wouldn’t let him get around it - why is that ok for them to have to put up with and then have him slander them on twitter?

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