21 Healthy Hair DIY Treatments For Summer-Starved Hair

Bye bye $20 conditioner! Show your locks some love with concoctions that are just a pantry away.

1. For Shiny Hair

Get silky and smooth with three products. Recipe here.

2. Dry Shampoo

Running too late to wash your hair? Skip the aerosol spray for this DIY.

3. Lighten Your Hair

Three ways to naturally highlight your strands. More here.

4. Dry, Damaged Hair Mask

Show your fried and dyed locks TLC with this moisturizing mask. Check out Hairspray & High Heels for the recipe here.

5. Protein Hair Mask

You have these three ingredients in your fridge, mix them up for healthier, smoother hair. Instructions here.

6. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner

Coconut oil is bae of DIY treatments. See how to whip up this mixture here.

7. Scalp Saver

Stop ignoring your scalp with an at-home remedy from The Beauty Department.

8. Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment

This can get a bit messy, but the all natural clay draws out impurities and makes curls pop! Natural Hair Rules walks you through the process here. The clay also makes a great face mask.

9. Scalp Treatments

Three solutions to soothe and repair your scalp.

10. Dandruff Control

A little ginger root scalp spritzer keeps the flakes away. See the easy instructions here.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Remove build up from heavy products. Watch the tutorial from Live Naturally Love here.

12. Strengthening Mask

Apply this mask for 15 minutes and see the difference. You Beauty breaks down the benefits here.

13. ph-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner

Closed cuticles seal in moisture. This leave-in does just that. Tutorial here.

14. Sea Salt Clarifying Shampoo

For when you need a good deep clean. Check out the mixture here.

15. Aloe Vera Shampoo/Conditioner/Mist/Gel

What can’t you do with aloe vera? Daily Curlz has eight ways to use the natural ingredient on your hair here. Oh, and it’s not just for winter, but year round as well.

16. Hot Oil Treatment

Seal in that moisture for your parched natural hair. Charnel’s World has the instructions this way.

17. Strawberry Hair Mask

Strawberries are packed with vitamin C and honey is a natural humectant, which retains moisture. See the yummy recipe here.

18. Leave In Conditioning Spray

Maintain your moisture with a vegetable glycerin spray. See the essential oils that work best for every hair type. Instructions here.

19. Color Booster

Give your brunette locks a richer, deeper hue using cocoa powder. Details here.

20. Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

The creamy base works well on its own or try a few add-ons like avocado, oils or eggs. Naturally Curly has the recipes here.

21. Sea Salt Spray

Get beach-worthy waves even when you’re miles from the sea.

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