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    • Flutterby

      My name is Yvonne (ya von) and it’s been butchered my entire life. Ivan, Ivon, Evan, Evon, Evonnie, Yvette (wtf), Yolanda (wtf!!), etc. I used to hate it but now I love it, it just fits. My last name is even worse, a Romanian nightmare. My brothers have classic first names, so it made it even harder for people to wrap their head around mine.
      My best friend is named Marisa (ma rissa) and people always pronounce it ma reesa. I named my daughter after her but added an s so she didn’t have to go through that too.
      My cousin named her son Isaac (eye zik) and his kindergarten teacher taught him to spell it Isac for a full week before my cousin realized.
      My niece is Madeleine Yvonne Romanian nightmare. I feel so bad for her having to learn how to spell it.

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