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26 Selfies By Troye Sivan Ranked In Order Of Perfection

The Aussie singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and glistening gem of human perfection takes a mean selfie y'all.

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26. This one where he's trying to look ugly but is still perfect.

25. This one that was probably posted at 4:20 by the looks of things.

24. This "jus lying in the grass with me mate" selfie.

23. This selfie where Troye is reimagined as a perfect skate-punk babe.

22. His perfect birthmark looks pretty great in this one.

21. This selfie-trifecta of perfection.

20. This selfie, which makes you whisper "nooooo" under your breath.

19. Even this "someone just farted on the plane" selfie is perfect.

18. This selfie of Troye's abysmal toga outfit attempt is perfect.

17. This selfie of him being a fricken' loveable goof.

16. Shades for days = perfect.

15. This selfie is too fuzzy to be #1 but still pretty perfect, no?

14. This "shocked hamster" selfie is particularly perfect.

13. Here he looks like he's about to fight Lana Del Rey, but is still perfect.

12. This emo selfie is drop-dead perfect.

11. This selfie of the world's strongest hair game.

10. The perfect "I'm a serious musician" selfie

9. This selfie? I'm lovin' it.

8. This selfie, which just made you yell "DON'T YOU EVEN DARE" at your screen.

7. This roof mirror selfie.

6. This selfie, which makes you wish you were a tiny beanie warming Troye's ears. (Did I get too weird just now?)

5. This perfect rendition of the one-cheek-blow.

4. This selfie proving even his heart is perfect.

2. Glasses + tongue lick is almost TOO perfect, ya know?

1. We did it guys, here it is: THE most perfect Troye Sivan selfie.


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