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22 Things That Will Instantly Ruin Your Day

You might as well just get back in bed and try again tomorrow. Share your ruined day with Florida Orange Juice's Little Annoyances, Big Prize Contest for a chance to win a comedy-filled trip for two to Chicago! Contest is now closed.

1. Forgetting To Close The Sunroof

2. Your Sister Stealing Your Birthday Wish

3. Visiting This Zoo

4. Realizing You're Out Of Milk... After You've Poured The Bowl

5. Missing The Pan

6. Grabbing The Wrong Tube

7. Finding This In The Freezer

8. Getting This Message

9. Swinging Too Hard

10. Taking The Leap

11. Finding Out These Are Raisins And Not Chocolate Chips

12. When This Starts Playing On Pandora

13. Being front and center for the theme park picture

14. Stepping On This

15. Playing Against This Kid In Gym Class

16. When You're Waiting For The Bus

17. Showing Up In The Same Outfit

18. Getting This Shot

19. Not Sticking The Landing

20. Pulling Out The Christmas Lights

21. Parking Next To This Guy

22. And this

But Here's A Guinea Pig With A Mini Guitar To Make Everything Better :)