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Do You Have Good Theater Etiquette?

Spoiler: Probably not.

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  1. You always leave a seat between you and strangers, even if the theater is almost completely full.
    You can't be bothered to show up before the movie begins.
    And when you arrive late, you use your phone's flashlight to find an open seat because it's too dark to see.
    Or you think it's okay to sit anywhere, even if the theater has an area reserved for latecomers.
    You think it's okay to take a call as long as it's just trailers playing.
    You ignore the "please silence your phone" warnings.
    You like to talk to your friends during the movie.
    You like to make running comments out loud.
    You ignore people who shush you.
    In fact, you're more inclined to talk if people shush you.
    You don't see any problem with bringing pizza, burgers, or any other strong-smelling foods into the theater.
    And a few beers! Why not?
    You check your texts every five minutes.
    You think it's cool to explain to people around you what's about to happen next during the movie.
    You think it's normal to scream at scary moments.
    You groan during scenes where same-sex couples kiss.
    You react childishly to sex scenes.
    You laugh at inappropriate moments.
    Your twitchy legs are constantly bumping the seats in front of you.
    You put your feet up on other people's seats.
    You can't seem to move without kicking other people's seats.
    You like to wrap yourself around your date and stay that way throughout the entire movie.
    You're not that into seeing the movie, you're more into hanging out with the people you came with.
    You applaud at the end of the movie.

Do You Have Good Theater Etiquette?

Congratulations, you can go to the movies! You know how to behave in social situations that require being quiet, and you understand that movies are too expensive to throw money away!

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Maybe you should stay home and watch Netflix, or get together with your friends at a bar, because you don't have what it takes to see a movie in theaters. You make the experience unpleasant for everyone around you.

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This post was translated from Portuguese.


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