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    13 Little Pleasures For People Who Love To Wear All Black

    Going to a store and finding the outfit you wanted in black.

    1. Only realizing when you're already out the door that you're dressed in black from head to toe.

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    Oh well!

    2. Going to a store and finding the outfit you wanted in black.

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    It might seem like there would always be copious amounts of black clothing available in stores, but it's actually a color that disappears quite fast, especially in your size.

    3. Not having to suffer from ugly stains from food, drinks, or anything else.

    Also because you don't go anywhere NEAR bleach.

    4. Feeling like basically all of your clothes go together.

    Yes <3

    5. Being able to dress yourself for any occasion much more quickly than people who like colored clothing.

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    Brunch? Dinner party? Nightclub? No prob!

    6. That magic moment when you wash all your black clothes together, without any lighter colored clothes thrown in, and they come out without a single piece of lint.

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    Lint and hairs are enemies to the pleasure that is black clothing.

    7. Feeling like you are always well dressed.

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    Sheer elegance!

    8. Being 100% confident that any piece of clothing would look better in black.

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    9. Being able to follow pretty much any trend without having to resort to other colors.

    They'll always make clothes in black!

    10. Finding that one black statement piece that's totally different to add a bit of variety to your wardrobe.

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    A black floral print and black glitter combat boots: I want it so much I'm going to cry.

    11. Wearing your favorite black outfit <3

    Instagram / @karenbachinii / Via

    Pure bliss!

    12. Knowing with certainty that no matter what people might think, black is indeed a happy color.

    Instagram / @juliarodrigues2 / Via

    Really, it's a color that completes you!

    13. Finding someone else who understands your love of black clothing.

    Instagram / @chez_noelle / Via

    Let's start a club!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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