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    14 Moments Of Pure Bliss You'll Only Recognize If You Live Alone

    Being able to take anyone you want home with you, without anyone asking you if you're dating or if you've known each other for a long time.

    1. The satisfaction you get after making some badly needed change to your home, like getting a new lamp.

    Adios, darkness! Hello, bright lights and new, productive me. #NewYearNewMe #Goals

    2. Finding a great sale on toilet paper and then going months without having to worry about buying more.

    Twitter: @_fabiosina

    It's the little things.

    3. Finally getting your very own water filter, and no longer having to depend on expensive, environmentally irresponsible disposable water bottles (which your roommates would just steal anyway...).

    Twitter: @lifeisagenjutsu

    I am the definition of a responsible adult.

    Now if only I made yearly checkups with the doctor and dentist too...

    4. Coming home really drunk and finding last night's leftovers in the fridge, just as you left them.

    Twitter: @hugokatsuo

    What a beautiful act of love from former you to present you.

    5. And on that note, just generally knowing that nobody is going to move your stuff around and that everything is going to stay exactly where you left it.

    Twitter: @louisepaulaa

    This becomes a bit problematic when you don't remember where you last left something, but hey, whatever.

    6. Skipping a meal of grown-up food for popcorn or any other kind of junk food, without being judged by anyone else.

    It might not be the most "adult" decision, but as Hannah Montana said, nobody's perfect. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    7. Finding a sale, any sale, at the supermarket.

    Twitter: @Gustavoobarroos

    But especially sales on beer, wine, or cleaning products.

    8. Learning how to do something that you had always dismissed as impossible, like drilling a hole in the wall to mount a picture frame or changing the resistance of the shower head.

    Twitter: @andrey_lbrigida

    And maybe even getting good at it, too.

    9. Getting buck naked and taking a leisurely stroll around the house.


    It's incredibly liberating to be able to walk around in the nude without the fear of running into anyone.

    10. Being able to take anyone you want home with you, without anyone asking you if you're dating or if you've known each other for a long time.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    And always being able to say, "So, wanna go to my place?"

    11. Purchases that used to seem mundane, like a squeegee or a new toilet seat, now make you so happy.

    Twitter: @rfferrao

    They used to seem stupid and unnecessary, but now these things make up part of your quality of life.

    12. Doing whatever you want in the early morning without anyone complaining.

    Taking a bath? Dancing? Cooking? Doing your nails? The world is your oyster and ain't nobody going to tell you otherwise.

    13. Knowing that nobody's going to steal that tasty little snack you bought just for yourself.

    Twitter: @grsete

    No need to hide it or divide it. That beautiful little piece of bliss is all yours.

    14. Coming home on a day when you just want to be by yourself, and actually being able to do so.

    Twitter: @anna_mezzomo

    Of course, it comes at a price — rent, utilities, etc. — but it's so worth it.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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