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The 15 Stages Of Hunger-Induced Rage

Your mood is completely controlled by your stomach.

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1. You wake up and the day is already off to a bad start, because you instantly feel that urge for a quick bite...

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But you're in a hurry, so you rush out of the house with an empty stomach.

2. Commuting, sun, crowded buses and trains and roads, and underneath it all, you can feel it: the ache of hunger...

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Everything would be a little more bearable if you could just have a quick snack.


11. It's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to feel OK, or talk to people, or look at people, or be within 100 feet of people when you're hungry!!!

14. And literally all it take is eating something, ever the smallest snack, and suddenly everything changes. The world seems so much more calm. Everything feels a little more peaceful.

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