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    12 Things You Never Imagined Would Still Be Happening In Your Adult Life

    Why am I still having nightmares about school?!

    1. Dealing with pimples.

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    There's no rule that says that just because you had pimples as a teenager means you won't have to keep dealing with them as an adult. Also, if you happened to be blessed with clear skin as a kid, that doesn't mean you won't get blemishes as an adult. It can happen to anyone at any time.

    2. Dreaming—or having nightmares—about school.

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    Waking up late for a test? Repeating a year? Getting lost on campus? You'd think that being a grown-up would free you from nightmares about school, but somehow, they just keep happening.

    3. Feeling scared when you're home alone and hear a noise.

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    If you've never felt afraid when you're home alone at night, then hats off to you. For the rest of us, one of the worst things imaginable is being in your bedroom alone at night and hearing something fall over in the kitchen. You can be as calm and rational and adult about it as you'd like, but it still scares that crap out of you.

    4. That non-stop craving for junk food.

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    Maybe it's a little less urgent these days, or maybe it only happens when you're feeling tired or guilty or sad. But a cheeseburger with fries, and a giant, ice-cold soda... mmm. Nothing better.

    5. Feeling tempted to buy stuff at a toy store.

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    Look, you're not going to throw a tantrum about it, but you still feel that pull when you walk by the toy section at the store. You think to yourself, "in MY day we didn't have anything this cool," and feel that pesky urge to get yourself something.

    6. Spending hours of your life on the internet.

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    At some point in your life, the internet was something that only the weird quiet kids used, and you never imagined that it would be something that you'd ever have any use for. Well, look how that turned out.

    7. Being ashamed to buy toilet paper.

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    Or tampons, or condoms, or anything else that's a perfectly normal, understandable, and natural thing for a human to buy. You're still petrified of attracting stares at the supermarket and having to explain to the cashier why you're buying 32 rolls of toilet paper.

    8. Feeling flush when your parents give you cash.

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    Even if you feel like you need to refuse, and even if you know you can afford to pay for something on your own, it's still so soothing to hear one of your parents say, "it's okay, i'll pay."

    9. Being afraid of what other people will think.

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    The good news is that in time, even if it's a bit uncomfortable, you come to understand that you can't please everyone.

    10. Wanting a lap to crawl into when something goes wrong.

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    You always thought that someday you'd grow up and become a completely independent adult, and that life's little surprises would stop shaking up up so much... but even something as simple as a flu makes you desperate for Mommy's tender, lovin' care.

    11. Feeling too young, inexperienced, or unprepared for some of life's challenges.

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    At no point in life will this sensation pass. Just get used to it.

    12. Not having the slightest idea of what you want out of your life.

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    We won't lie, some people know what they want in life. But most people continue to feel confused, or conflicted, or troubled. You're not alone.

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