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    Posted on May 11, 2017

    14 Gross Little Gifts From Your Period, As Told By Dogs

    Coughing or sneezing and feeling that your vagina did the same.

    1. That period that travels halfway up your ass and makes everything all sticky and horrible.

    Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    What did you do to deserve this?

    2. When the blood decides to stain exactly that single millimeter of your panties that isn't covered by the sanitary napkin.

    Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    *holds back tears*

    3. When you go to dry yourself off after a shower and bleed on the towel.

    Twitter: @barkbox

    And then you decide to finish drying off with the same towel, since what's done is done...

    4. Or when your period waits for that exact second that you step out of the shower to drip on the floor.

    Twitter: @barkbox

    Thanks a lot, body.

    5. Taking a dump on your period.

    6. Or worse: bloody shit.

    Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    Really fucked up.

    7. You try to clean yourself up and use almost an entire roll of toilet paper.

    Twitter: @CuteEmergency


    8. Those bloody vaginal farts.

    9. When you wake up and you've bled through at least three layers of cloth because your pad leaked during the night.

    Panties, pants, the sheets, the mattress protector, and *gasp* maybe even the mattress itself.

    10. When the blood stains your panties so much that you know they'll be like that FOREVER.

    Twitter: @barkbox

    Truly unfair.

    11. Coughing or sneezing and feeling that your vagina did the same.

    12. When absolutely no one has a sanitary napkin to lend you, and you have to spend a decade with the old one until you manage to get another.

    Twitter: @barkbox

    That old wives' tale about the synchronized periods never comes true at these times.

    13. When you do number 2 and the string from the tampon gets in the middle.

    Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    Literally fucking shit.

    14. Your menstruation making a bridge between you and the toilet water.

    Twitter: @CuteEmergency

    WHY, GOD?!?!!?

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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