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    30 Home Decor Ideas That You're Gonna Want To Add To Your Pinterest Board, Stat

    Let the inspo flow!

    1. This hanging light fixture is ~different~ in a cute, analog kind of way:

    2. And these black and white throw pillows will low-key match other items around your home in a classy way:

    3. We love the contrast between these handcrafted dishes and the gold cutlery:

    4. And take it from centuries of painting: nothing draws the eye like a good ol' basket of fruit:

    5. This tree trunk platter/cutting board adds a very nice woodsy touch to any spot in the house:

    6. Meanwhile, these cloth flower pots give off a very organic vibe:

    7. If you want to get really fun with your plants, elevate them, like this:

    8. And if you add a hanging rack to your kitchen like this, it can hold like EVERYTHING:

    9. This vase and poster set up here is some fine composition, if we do say so ourselves:

    10. Meanwhile, we love how the way this corner got converted into a mini-closet:

    11. A minimalist mirror is really all you need:

    12. And if you're ever in doubt, just invest in lots of shades of gray:

    13. A nice wooden box planter will always be a lovely detail:

    14. And we should all have a little pennant streamer in our lives:

    15. Remember: you can and should stack your books in different ways to make the most of your space:

    16. Also remember: art doesn't always need to be framed.

    17. This wall-length headboard will make you feel so fancy:

    18. And we like the way these vases and flasks are all the same color here:

    19. Put your cactus in a basket for peak desert atmosphere:

    20. And ditch the bouquets in favor of one big flower with lots of personality:

    21. But also: matching flower pots like these won't ever lead you astray...

    22. A little stool is all you need to officially cozy-fy your reading nook:

    23. And filing cabinets don't have to be boring beige, apparently! They can be pink!

    24. A mirror with this kind of antique-looking frame doesn't necessarily need to be hung, either:

    25. And this fun lil neon sign will add just the right amount of quirk in any corner:

    26. A circular mirror and floating shelf are all you need to make your own vanity:

    27. And we like the subtle triangle detail on this side table, which you could totally paint yourself:

    28. More tips: Use your favorite chair as a night stand...

    29. Spend the time to make a good gallery wall...

    30. And make sure your shower shelf has room for a glass of wine, because you deserve it:

    This post was translated from Portuguese.