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    17 Sex Tips You'll Wish You Had Heard Sooner

    "You don't need to feel ashamed of your body."

    We asked on Facebook what sex tips people would have liked to hear sooner. Here are the best answers we received:

    1. Don't try to imitate what you've seen watching porn.

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    "If you're new to sex, don't worry! Eventually you'll figure out exactly what to do, and that there's nothing unnatural about sex. Just don't try to act like a porn star because that will mess everything up. Enjoy the moment! It's going to be nice and feel great." –Milla Maria

    2. Say what you want to say (or what you don't want to say).

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    "Sex is about giving and receiving pleasure, so if you're not enjoying yourself, speak up! If you want to try something new, say so! Don't shame yourself into having a bad experience." –Vitória Isis Bortoluzzi

    3. Masturbation is everything, even during sex.

    Instagram / @clubedobordado / Via

    "Masturbate a lot!!! Especially during penetration!" –Athina Lopes

    4. Don't be ashamed of your body or your hair.

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    "If you've got a bit of extra hair, or a bit less hair, it's not a problem. You don't need to feel ashamed of your body. It's perfect just the way it is. If I had heard that earlier, it would have saved me so much trauma." –Eliseu Cortez

    5. One good lay is better than a lot of average ones.

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    "Quality is way better than quantity!!!!" –Tahis Gonzalez

    6. Every couple has positions that they get the most pleasure from.

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    "Every couple has that one great position that's the best fit for them, but you'll only find it if you practice!" –Anonymous

    7. You need to feel pleasure too.

    "It's good to please your partner, but don't neglect your own pleasure! Getting is just as important as giving. Sex should feel good for everyone involved." –Paula Leonardo Santiago

    8. Knowing your own body makes all the difference.

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    "If you don't know your own body, there's no way you can expect someone else to get familiar with it, so figure yourself out!" –Luiza Vieira

    9. Don't be grossed out by oral sex.

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    "Don't be grossed out by oral sex. Sure, it's good to get it, but it's also good to give it out." –Thairyne Andrade

    10. Take control of the situation!

    "You're in charge! This is your house. Don't let in any visitors who will wear out their welcome, or anyone who moves in and makes themselves at home, putting their feet up on your coffee table." –Rayan Paes

    11. Sex isn't just penetration.

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    "There's more to sex than just penetration. Some women say that the best part is actually the foreplay." –Paula Dias da Silva

    12. Don't tell someone they're bad in bed.

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    "Just because you didn't have great sex with someone once doesn't mean that they're bad in bed. They just didn't have sex in a way that worked for you." –Anonymous

    13. Careful with those teeth during oral.

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    "One of the secrets of a successful blow job: Open your mouth without showing your teeth." –Carolline de Miranda

    14. Do vagina excersizes.

    Sanchesnet1 / Getty Images

    "Practice doing pompoir – it will change your life!" –Luiza Cristina

    15. Don't force it if you're not in the mood.

    "There's no point in forcing it. Sometimes your partner will be beautiful and sexy, but if you're not in the mood, it's just not going to work. Save it for another time (or another partner)." –Anonymous

    16. USE A CONDOM.

    Bonggita / Getty Images

    "You can see a pretty face, but you can't always see an STD. A L W A Y S use a condom." –Anonymous

    17. You don't owe anyone a satisfying sex life.

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    "As a woman, I would have liked to have known about sexual freedom sooner. About sleeping with whoever I want and as many times as I want, and without the taboo of 'he has to be my boyfriend'. That attitude kept me from having so many incredible experiences! I wish someone would have told me I don't owe a satisfying sex life to anyone." –Anonymous

    This post was translated from Portuguese.