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17 Moments Social Media Lovers Know Too Well

Some of us have promised that this will be the last time we check our phones for the latest news delivered to you by your social media. However, our plans sometimes head straight into the trash can when swiping comes as easily as breathing. Here is a list of the 17 moments I am guilty of going through, inspired from my daily social media life...

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2. You never know what you're searching for but you still open up those apps and your shopping spree begins.

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You're bored and don't know what to do. You go to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and whatever apps you have for inspiration. As you scroll through the recommended posts feed on Instagram, you realize that there's a new product! Everyone has it. Everyone. Except you. You see the different settings and angles that shirt or lipstick or pair of shoes is placed in. Your hunt for desires you didn't even know you had starts.

3. Carrying your phone with you. Everywhere.


Your phone never leaves you! You hold hands with your phone more often than you ever did with anyone else. Not one notification buzz shall ever miss you. There's even a term coined for that scary feeling you experience when you don't have your phone with you termed nomophobia.

4. Lunchtime! But first...let me take a food selfie.


That beautiful plate of pasta in front of you is cooling down. Well, that doesn't matter because you need to Instagram that dish like a model. After thousands of photos, several filters, and carefully-crafted hashtags, you geo-tag your lunch to prove to your friends that you were there when the trendiest restaurant opened!

5. You look through magical food recipe videos on Facebook and Instagram even though you'll never make them.

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Food recipe clips populate your Facebook and Instagram feeds and they just intrigue you. They're so calming. So relaxing. So satisfying. Somehow, those syrup-dripping, pastry-frying, bread-slicing, donut-turning, garlic-chopping, cheese-pulling motions just get you. Sure, they throw some vegetables in but deep down, you know just how unhealthy these dishes are. Yet, you still lie to yourself that it's a "fun" way to make healthy food tasty. You never knew that the chicken pull-apart bread existed or that cranberry and onion could work together, but they do! You're so fascinated at how easy it is to throw together a fancy cake or pie. Yet, you never make any of the recipes shown.

6. Checking your phone every 30 seconds.

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The slightest glare or sound aggravates you. You panic and see a notification light or feel a buzz even when it wasn't there. Right as you leave your phone on your table, you pick it up right away. Your hand has gone through so many sit-ups from picking up and putting down your phone that it could've broken the world record for most sit-ups done if it were a person. You decided to hear your hand's calling, pick up your phone, and stare it straight in its eyes.

7. Okay. You picked up your phone for a false notification. Now what?

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You casually plan to do "research" that relate to your work proposal or current assignment but your thumb automatically presses Facebook (by accident, on purpose, or memory muscle we'll never know). You tell yourself this will only take 5 seconds. You go to your feed and see a news blurb telling you avocado prices have gone down thinking who needs that? However, you do your research on just why avocados are so hyped and you're hooked! As you scroll down, you find out that Toblerone has changed and this might be the end of your chocolate indulgence! You continue clicking through related posts to see if your other favorite products have changed and that article leads to the next article which leads to the next. You end up watching a video of a puppy walking into a grocery store and find yourself asking yourself the same question: "what did I come in here for"? Before you know it, your 5 seconds have turned into an hour.

8. Once your 5 second plan has been ruined, you give up.


That hour flew away and so have your plans. You decide to finish up your work tomorrow. You think of all the excuses that will justify your stay on social media. You're so invested now that it's too late to go back.

9. Your heart races as you see that beautiful square pop up.


There's a love-hate relationship with notification pop-ups. You wait for them the whole day. Yet, as soon as they appear, you can't wait to get rid of them ASAP. You try to refrain yourself when you see that little square pop up. Don't do it! You can feel yourself shaking and your heart rate going up. To conquer your anxiety, you submit and click to see who might have tagged you, liked your post, or shared your news. After all, who doesn't love being the center of attention at some point?

10. You like everything. #L4L.


You like back your likes to maintain your likes. Heck, you like things you don't even like in hopes of like reciprocity just to hit that satisfying sweet point on Instagram when 11+ likes show that you're worth something.

11. You came for the post and stay for the comments.

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You check the comments before, during, and after the post. Before clicking, you read through the comments in preparation for what's to come and after clicking, you read the comments again to see the reactions. You click on a YouTube video and start scrolling, reading comments while watching the video at the same time. You're frustrated when you can't scroll through, only to find that the comment section has been disabled. In fact, Facebook has even noted how valuable the comment section is to increasing their advertising revenue that they've allowed videos to be embed in the comments you post and continue to optimize your commenting experience.

12. Where do I get my news from? Facebook...duh!


Facebook is where you chat, laugh, and share. It's just common sense that you'll use the same platform to access your news, like almost half of the American population do. It's the space where your friends and your feed tell you what news is newsworthy. If your friends don't know about it, it's as good as gone.

13. Every place is a search for good lighting.

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You go out with your friends. As you walk to your shopping destination, you turn your head backwards, sideways, upwards, downwards, and pretty much in any direction imaginable in search for a perfect selfie opportunity. Your attempt to get a good selfie with perfect natural lighting eliminates all the flaws that come with filters: picking filters, grainy filters, over-saturated filters, not being able to add one of the most popular tags (the "#nofilter" tag) onto your post, etc.

14. You head to memes in times of need it seems.

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Your social media feeds are, more or less, flooded with memes from comedy organizations, friends, and even YouTube personalities. During times of exam cram sessions, relationship problems, and work issues, to your happiest days, there just seems to be a meme for everything. Memes are like the best friend that you never had. Even when you least expect it, there's always a meme to cheer you up. You feel comfortable knowing that someone out there has created an "Evil Kermit" meme that speaks to your inner dark side and does it so..imperfectly perfectly.

15. You didn't know that there was a national day for almost everything until you check your feeds. In response, you post a photo with the #National of that day.

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Out of nowhere, you realize that there is a national day for the most random reasons. Today could be #NationalGrilledCheeseDay, #NationalLipstickDay, or #NationalTacoDay. Even though you just found out what national day it is, you post a gram and hashtag it with the national cause it's for as if you knew this all along and also to be relevant.

16. You find yourself reading social media addiction articles to find out if the same symptoms apply to you.

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If you're reading this, you're probably laughing at yourself since this is exactly what you're doing right now. You'll also most likely head to another article on social media addiction after this page ends or not. Whatever the case, your next step may very well be covered within this list.

17. Your phone is the first and last thing you see everyday.


You treat yourself to the latest YouTube videos or Facebook news after a tiring day. After setting the alarm, you place your phone on a nightstand specifically placed there for easy phone access. Not long after, a notification buzzes. Your group chat pals seem to chat endlessly. Again, you experience number 4 ("checking your phone every 30 seconds") all over again because your friends happen to be just as restless as you. After a few hours, you recheck your alarm, only to find that your sleep hours have reduced from 7 hours to 4. You sleep once and for all, excited for the fresh batch of notifications to come the next morning.

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