23 Reasons Chip Shops Ruin You For Life

Fact: All food tastes better deep fried.

1. First of all, our humble chip shops are where you will find the best versions of the dish we are most known for.

2. And everyone knows the best chips in the world come from a chippy.

3. They are fat and substantial, just soft and fluffy on the inside and incredibly crispy on the outiside.

4. Their menus are perfect because they are so simple.

5. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get inventive.

The best chip shops and often also Chinese takeaways.

6. Whoever first thought of combining chips and curry sauce was a culinary genius.

7. You get the best gravy at chippies.

8. And the most generous cheesy chips.

9. But the true magic happens when you get both cheese and gravy together.

Only chippy chips are built to withstand this level of moisture.

10. Every truly great sausage is a jumbo sausage.

11. Chip shops have cracked the food code: Everything tastes better deep fried.

Tbf it’s not hard to improve Spam.

12. But of course they also know how important it is to eat seasonally.

13. And a balanced diet, that’s what mushy peas are for.

14. Or if you’re feeling naughty, a pea fritter.

Because everything tastes better deep fried, remember?

15. Few things in life are as pure and tasty as a battered jumbo sausage.

And of course, it’s such a beautiful food.

16. Of course you’ll need a pickled onion to cut through all that delicious grease flavour.

17. Only a true gourmet institution would come up with a concept like scraps.

Ah yes, just what will go perfectly with my deep fried meal, a deep fried topping.

18. Chip shops may have a small menu, but it is diverse, there’s usually at least one type of pie on it, and it’s always delicious.

The best ones are served upside down and look slightly see-through on the bottom.

19. Chippies know the importance of carbohydrates in your diet, and therefore how nutritious a double carb meal can be for your soul.

20. Because of course everything tastes better with a buttered roll.

21. Scampi is practically posh, I think it contains prawns, or at least essence of prawns and prawns are posh.

22. You’ll probably have the best meal of your life in a chippy.

Chips by the sea is actually the nicest flavour in the world.

23. Cheers to the chippy!

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Flo Perry is an editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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