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22 Kind Of Fascinating Pictures Of Fruit And Vegetables

Not all fruits are born equal.

1. This beautiful pile of apples.

2. This sensually peeled dragon fruit.

3. This wave of peppers.

4. Or this grid of peppers.

5. All of these peppers! Hnnnngggggg.

6. These glossy and smooth apples.

7. These weirdly gross and strangely appealing carrots.

8. This museum of vegetable arrangement.

9. This spectrum of fruity fantasy.

10. This absolutely perfect display.

11. These beautifully bulging fruits.

12. This simple picture of perfection.

13. And this perfect fault.

14. This strawberry that had all its seeds removed by chocolate.

15. This juicy pile of strawberries.

16. These amorous carrots.

17. This slice of spring onion forming a perfect cube.

18. This triple-cored onion.

19. This lovely onion.

20. And this onion, full of love.

21. These conjoined courgettes.

22. And this simply beautiful tomato.

H/T r/MildlyInteresting and r/OddlySatisfying