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16 Food And Drink Combos That Every British Student Relies On

Vodka and squash is a legitimate cocktail.

1. Pesto and pasta

2. Own brand cheese and own brand bread.

3. Vodka and squash

4. Doner meat and pizza

5. Instant noodles and bread

6. Beans and toast

7. Sausage roll and another sausage roll

8. Red Bull and coffee

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For when you need to pull that all nighter.

9. Jägermeister and Red Bull

10. Chips, cheese, and gravy

11. Fish fingers and bread

12. Oven chips and cheese

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Most of your food groups were covered.

13. Potato smiles and turkey dinosaurs

14. Carbs with an egg

15. Own brand vodka and own brand lemonade

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What's the point in buying mixer that costs more than 20p?

16. Echo falls and lemonade

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Let's not lie you still drink this now.