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23 Things You'll Know If Your Group Only Talks On The Group Chat

Your group chat is your sacred text.

1. Trying to make any kind of plan is an absolute nightmare.

2. And every plan seems to need a separate group thread, which is basically the main group thread minus, like, one person.

3. But if they don't get a separate thread, and you can't go to the plan, that is also a nightmare.

4. And then people get confused between the threads, even though one is clearly labelled ~<3 St Michael's Hunnies 4eva <3 ~ and the other is called Thrope Park 2K17.

5. Keeping up with the chat is pretty much a full-time job.

When you go to bed early 😐 #groupchatproblems

6. Sometimes you wonder if any of your friends do actually have jobs, because they spend so much time on the chat.

7. But the one time you actually need the chat, it feels like everyone's muted at once.

8. Luckily every group chat has a mum friend who is the unelected leader of the chat.

9. The mum friend will also police the level of group chat spam that's allowed in the thread.

10. There's always one person in there that you don't know that well, who never talks, and now knows literally everything about your life.

11. When someone adds someone new to the group chat, it can be a tricky time.

12. When you're not involved group-chat drama is the best thing in the world.

13. But when you are involved, group-chat drama is the trickiest thing to navigate.

14. The morning after is always when the group chat is at its absolute finest.

15. But the group chat is also pretty lit during the night out.

16. If you didn't go on the night out, you will have the biggest FOMO.

17. The group chat has so many in-jokes that it is basically illegible to anyone not in the chat.

18. All the jokes are hilarious, apart from the ones about you.

19. There have been times when you've considered leaving the group.

20. Your group-chat name is probably deep and meaningful.

21. When someone makes a subgroup that's not for an event, you know that something is up?

22. You can't really remember how you communicated before group chats were a thing.

23. And you can't imagine life without the chat anymore.