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    22 Ways Offices Should Be More Like Primary School

    What this working environment needs is more WordArt.

    1. Office stationery should be swapped out for something more swanky.

    2. All minutes in meetings should be made with scented gel pens.

    Sure they are difficult to read, but the multi-sensory experience would be worth it.

    3. All powerpoint presentations should be given on OHP projectors.

    They would never go wrong, never take ages to load, you could add notes on them with ease, and they would add a certain je ne sais quoi.

    4. Forget office away days and trust exercises — bring back this day.

    5. We should go outside and run around in our lunch break.

    Flickr: daveparker

    Not in like a popping to the gym way, in like a 40:40 home way.

    6. Meetings should be held sitting in a circle on the floor.

    7. But maybe the older members of the office can sit on a bench.

    Twitter: @vitastudent / iStock / ThinkStock / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    They've earned it.

    8. Also there should be two scheduled break times a day.

    9. Instead of gossiping round the water cooler you could share stories round the mechanical pencil sharper.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Witthaya

    Though water coolers are pretty sweet tbh.

    10. Non-uniform day trumps casual Friday everytime.

    11. Every document should have a WordArt header.

    And 99% of the time you spent on that document should be choosing the right WordArt.

    12. And no presentation should be complete without three seemingly random examples of ClipArt.

    A lot of time should be spent choosing these too.

    13. Office parties should be more like school discos — whoever does the longest knee slide rules the dance floor.

    14. This is how we should decide who to fire.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    It never lies.

    15. There should definitely be book fairs, and your mum should definitely have to buy them for you.

    16. It might be nice to get the odd sticker at work now and then.

    17. And maybe the office canteen could serve these for lunch every so often?

    Or the odd turkey twizzler? Jamie doesn't control us now after all.

    18. All company stash should look like this.

    19. Offices should have some time set aside for craft, mainly so we can all just peel glue off our hands again.

    20. Everybody should play sleeping lions for an hour after lunch.

    21. Six week long summer holidays would also be nice.

    Filled with days of Slush Puppie sugar rushes.

    22. But mainly it would be great if we went home at 3:30 PM everyday.

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