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18 Ways Being A Science Student Changes You Forever

Hypothesis: Scientists are the best. Experiment: No need of course we are.

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3. It is really really hard not to point out the scientific mistakes in films.

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In Armageddon that comet was not big enough to have the gravitational pull to hold on to that rover. Sooooo unbelievable.


10. You have no sympathy when people complain about having to write essays on actually interesting topics.


Their dissertation was on something adults would discuss at a polite dinner party. I wrote 15,000 words one protein only found in Asian caterpillars. Please complain elsewhere artsy folk.


13. You are exceptionally good at pouring.

If you spend time in a wet lab, then you will have unrivaled pouring skills. Funnels are for weaklings.

14. Science jokes are the best jokes, and anyone who doesn't get them is obviously a loser.

Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN. Geddit?!?

16. Drinking out of science glassware > drinking out of regular glasses.