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18 Ways Being A Science Student Changes You Forever

Hypothesis: Scientists are the best. Experiment: No need of course we are.

1. You find you still apply the same scientific logic to a lot of areas of your life.

Hypothesis: Your crush fancies you too. Experiment: Act more flirty. Results: Pending.

2. You can get a bit pedantic about a lot of things.

Global HD / Via

Well technically everyone who drinks coffee is a drug addict so...

3. It is really really hard not to point out the scientific mistakes in films.

Channel 4 / Via

In Armageddon that comet was not big enough to have the gravitational pull to hold on to that rover. Sooooo unbelievable.

4. When people say the word "chemicals" to mean unhealthy additives, you instantly judge them.

Everything is made of chemicals, literally EVERYTHING in the world. You are basically just a big ol' lump of chemicals.

5. You have a very high tolerance for boredom.

BBC / Via

Once you've sat through a double lecture on the finer nuances of thermodynamics, while hungover, reading that report doesn't seem so bad.

6. You feel ashamed if someone asks a science question and you don't know the answer.

Walt Disney / Via

Even if it's a physics question and you studied biology, you feel you should still know.

7. But there are some things you don't think you'll ever forget.

Paramount Pictures / Via

You may not ever use that equation again, but you wrote it down so many times you couldn't forget it if you wanted to.

8. You know all sciences were not born equal.

Massive respect to anyone who survived chemistry and physics joint honours... less so for the biological anthropology crowd.

9. But all sciences command more respect than those artsy people.

BET / Via

The bitterness you felt when you had 30 hours of labs a week and they just had six fun sounding lectures has definitely not worn off.

10. You have no sympathy when people complain about having to write essays on actually interesting topics.


Their dissertation was on something adults would discuss at a polite dinner party. I wrote 15,000 words one protein only found in Asian caterpillars. Please complain elsewhere artsy folk.

11. It pains you a little bit when people actually believe horoscopes.

Warner Brothers / Via

(But you still read them just for fun shhh!)

12. After someone has said they are skeptical of evolution or climate change you can't take them seriously anymore.

13. You are exceptionally good at pouring.

14. Science jokes are the best jokes, and anyone who doesn't get them is obviously a loser.

15. After all the health and safety you've sat through, everyday life starts too look more hazardous.


16. Drinking out of science glassware > drinking out of regular glasses.

17. You aren't afraid of a challenge.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

After you got your head around string theory or learnt the name of every bone in the human body, that presentation at work doesn't seem so bad.

18. And you never stop being amazed at the wonders of SCIENCE.

Did you know you can charge your phone with a potato? A NORMAL POTATO?!?

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