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    18 Useful Drinking Skills You Learn At British Universities

    All you need to get through uni is some vodka and squash.

    1. The fastest way to down an alco-pop known to man.

    Twitter: @Plastik_Ibiza

    Or a bottle of wine if you're a real lad.

    2. Which cheap booze is good, and which is not so good.

    Twitter: @TaylorandBesty / Twitter: @CarolineNolan7 / BuzzFeed

    Bière d'Or forever, Value Spanish rosé never.

    3. That this stuff is not the bargain it first appears.

    STEP AWAY! It's only 20%.

    4. That there is no need to spend more that 20p on mixer.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    Add in some value energy drink and you've got yourself a cocktail.

    5. How to make one truly repulsive looking cocktail out of ingredients you could by from the corner shop for less than a tenner.

    6. That if you sing a song that rhymes everyone drinks faster.

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    7. That pre-drinks are an efficient way to save money, because you don't spend so much on drinks in the club.

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    Lololol, not really. They are just a way of making sure you get as drunk as possible.

    8. How to convince a bouncer that you're relatively sober, when you've been pre-drinking for four hours.

    9. At least one version of the rules to Ring of Fire / King Cup.

    Successfully taught the freshers ring of fire

    Those freshers look like they're having so much fun.

    10. A killer Never Have I Ever for everyone you know.

    11. To cover your drink when you're with a crowd that "pennies".

    When you drop the penny in someone's drink and they see it off comfortably

    Or if you're one of those people you've honed your aim to perfection.

    12. That you don't need a wine glass to drink wine.

    13. How to hide a mini spirit in your bra.

    Only to be used when you're at the very bottom of your overdraft.

    14. That Jäeger bombs are the ultimate drink to buy for your mate when they need to get more pumped.

    15. The cheapest way to get drunk in a Weatherspoon's.

    Twitter: @_Tibz

    And which days all the different deals are on.

    16. Where to get the ultimate drunk food in your city.

    17. And the back ups you can rely on when you've already run out of loan.

    18. The food combo most likely to get you to your 11am when you've already had to miss your 9am.

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