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Monkman From "University Challenge" Is The Greatest Man On British TV

Monkmania is sweeping the nation.

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1. Monkman is not a normal human – he is supernaturally clever.

Part Monk. Part Man. All Stud. #Monkman #UniversityChallenge

2. People thought he might have met his match in the semi-final against Seagull, but alas, nothing can destroy The Monkman.

If Monkman and Seagull face eachother later on in #UniversityChallenge.... #UniversityChallenge

4. His voice is iconic, and his catchphrase – so catchy.



5. Slightly deaf dads all over the country love his clear pronunciation.

This is a victory for everyone who doesn't have an "inside voice" #UniversityChallenge #Monkmania

7. The nation loves him so much that he's been a guest on primetime talk shows.

Utter heroes! #monkmania @e_monkman @Bobby_Seagull you are the business!!!

He was on with Riz Ahmed and his pal Seagull. He sang the Star Wars theme tune. So cute.

8. Tonight he faces his final battle, against the surprisingly non-nerdy-looking Goldman.

Can't wait for the showdown between these two heroes tonight! @UniversityChal #Monkmania @JeremyPaxman


9. They may have more in common than what separates them, but tonight they are foes.

Gosh, they are so alike: Mr Goldman and Mr Monkman #UniversityChallenge

Sure, they're both white men with glasses who attend an Oxbridge college, but they are worlds apart.

10. He's being stopped for selfies wherever he goes.

Instagram: @jessabellion

11. People want him to branch out into stardom.

I'm not saying #Monkman is definitely the next Doctor Who, but I'm not not saying it either. #Monkmania…

12. His fans are already creating art of his iconic facial expression.


13. Who would have thought the greatest TV event of the year would be an impossibly hard quiz with contestants just out of adolescence?

When someone tells you that they're not watching the #UniversityChallenge final tonight

14. After Brexit anything could happen. Maybe Monkman is here to save us all?

To think, in six hours or so, @e_monkman could declare himself supreme leader of the UK and probably get royal assent. #UniversityChallenge

15. People are cosplaying him.

Peak #monkmania here in rural Worcestershire. @e_monkman

16. He has become the ultimate heartthrob.


18. Will he tuck his collar in for the final? The tension is almost unbearable.

Monkman has tucked in the collars tonight. He means business #UniversityChallenge