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26 Undercuts That Will Make You Want To Get Your Clippers Out

Be bald, be bold.

1. It's time to take the plunge and get an undercut.

2. Maybe just a little one peaking out under your mane.

3. Or something that's impossible to miss.

4. As close to your scalp as can be.

5. Or something with a little more fuzz.

6. Something to show off just when you feel like it.

7. Or a whole new look.

8. Put some angles in your hair.

9. Or keep it soft.

10. Get a buzz cut with a friend.

11. Or go bold solo.

12. Add some colour, it will grow out in a few weeks anyway.

13. Punk up your minnie mouse look.

14. Show off the curve of your head.

15. Or go for the half mohawk.

16. Or just let it peek out a little.

17. Draw a picture in your hair.

18. Or leave it simple.

19. Make a subtle statement.

20. Or be as bold as you like.

21. Add a criss cross.

22. Or a tiger-claw swipe.

23. Reveal your nape.

24. Or frame your ear.

25. Have fun with your hair.

26. And it feels even better than it looks.