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21 Inevitable Side Effects Of Working In An Office

Even if you try really hard not to, you will get a phone voice.

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1. You develop very strong feelings about air con.

There are two types of people in the office: The Hot and The Cold. No one in an office is the right temperature.

There are two types of people in the office: The Hot and The Cold. No one in an office is the right temperature.

2. You will constantly be thinking about whether or not to have a snack.


Because sometimes it's hard to tell if you're hungry or bored or both.

3. And you will unable to resist any birthday cake or free food.

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4. There will be a time where you'll try to resist, but it will be futile.


5. You will spend way too much time staring at the clock.


You will work for an hour and some how only 15 minutes of time will pass. It's the office miracle.

6. You will become seriously addicted to caffeine.

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7. You will think you're about to be fired whenever you get an email or Gchat from your boss.

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8. You will not be able to resist stalking all of your colleagues on Facebook to see what they're like in the real world.


And you will stalk them on LinkedIn to see how twatty they are.

9. You will develop a weird phone voice.


10. Even if you've been married for 10 years you will develop a work crush.

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Even if you work with a load of old trolls, you will end up fancying one of them.

11. You will also have an office enemy, even if they've never really done anything wrong, they just kind of creep you out.


12. You will become an office gossip fiend.


Your colleagues sex lives will be the most interesting topic of conversation, even if you swear you really don't care at all.

13. You will send bitchy Gchats and emails from your work address even though you've been told it's not 100% confidential.


14. You will have days where you fantasise about quitting constantly, but then realise that you have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Your own mouth.

Your own mouth.

15. You will become fluent in annoying office jargon phrases like "career pathing" and "communication development".


16. You will resort to dad jokes to make incredibly boring presentations more bearable.

17. You will start judging how people handle their inbox.

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If you're an inbox 10,000 person you will judge people who take the time to open every email, and if you're an inbox zero person you will judge those who don't.

18. You will spend more time in the toilet than you actually need to.

Because sometimes you just need a Candy Crush break.

Because sometimes you just need a Candy Crush break.

19. You will become very fast at closing tabs when you feel your boss walk behind you.

Boss: mike Boss: Mike Boss: Mike Ginn Me: whaaa sorry was just... doing an email

20. You will end up spending more time with your colleagues than with your actual friends.

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21. And eventually your colleagues will become your actual *GASP* real friends.


And it will make work bearable.