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21 Things You'll Understand If You And Your Best Friend Are Massive Trolls

Ugly selfies > pretty selfies.

1. You spend most of your time trying to take the worst photo of them physically possible.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

And then sharing it with everyone you know.

2. They're definitely not saved in your phone by their real name.

3. One of your favourite games is to see which horrible nicknames they'll reply to.


"Hey Whalebreath."



4. Another great game is to point at ugly things and say "That's you."

Flickr: 98701585@N02 / Creative Commons

Or "I didn't know your boyfriend was joining us". If you're going for more sophisticated humour.

5. You'll look after them when they get too drunk, but you'll also tell them everything they said in the morning.


And maybe take a few videos to show them for good measure.

6. And you take every opportunity to tell new people all their embarrassing stories.

Paramount Pictures

Or even just repeat them again. Every day. For the rest of their lives.

Like the time they threw up in the bath all over themselves at their own house party.

7. A great way to remind them that they're your best friend is to pick up the phone and say, "Oh you want to speak to the ugliest person in the room?" and then pass it to them.

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Works every time.

8. You also understand the importance of liking old photos of theirs on Facebook, so they'll pop up and everyone can enjoy them again.

Jo Estrin / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

It's good to remember your roots.

9. Some of your in-jokes might be too mean.

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You can't tell them your phone passcode because they'll probably text your crush, and you can't tell them you need a wee because they'll poke you in the stomach really hard.

10. You've physically fought as adults.


And then probably stopped because someone got back pain.

11. Introducing anyone you're romantically interested in is dangerous, because you know they're gonna ask you when you're getting married.


But really anyone who can't handle them joking isn't worth your time anyway.

12. They're your best friend because you know they'd never actually take it too far.


Even when you think they've taken it too far, really they're just stretching your boundaries. Or so you keep telling yourself.

13. You can trust that they'll be brutally honest with you when you need it.

Universal Pictures

But you know that they still love you, so it's OK that you're a lonely ugly arsehole.

They can tell you when you've been a prick, and they can tell you when you did the right thing, and you trust that they're telling the truth.

14. They can sense when you actually couldn't handle the jokes and you just need to be told that you have a really good bone structure and you will find love one day.


And they know when you just need to get yourself together.

15. They can make you belly laugh like no one else.


And you spend most of your time together doing that.

16. Mainly when you're having a bitching session about someone else.


Because if you two can be that mean to each other, just think about how horrible you can be about someone else.

17. Just because they can be mean to you, it doesn't mean anybody else can.

Paramount Pictures.

And you know that they would never let someone bitch about you in front of them.

Or if they did they'd tell you everything they said and then help plot their demise.

18. They've made you a better person.

Camelot Pictures

Because if you can't laugh at're probably boring.

19. It's not that you don't love them with all your heart.

Screen Gems

Because obviously you do, stupid.

20. It's just that being nice is dull.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

While being mildly horrible the whole time makes life more interesting.

21. And you wouldn't want to swap them for any other best friend.


Besides it's good to take pity on those less fortunate than ourselves.

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