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    Updated on Mar 26, 2019. Posted on Sep 12, 2016

    27 Tweets That Will Never Not Be Funny

    When the end is nigh someone somewhere will still be laughing at these tweets.

    1. This dad being caught in the act.

    favorite part of googlemaps is this man unzipping his cargo pants into cargo shorts at the grand canyon

    2. This surprise ~feature~ room.

    Hey! Anyone wanna buy a 6 bed house in Leytonstone for £1.2m? Looks nice, needs a bit of TLC and WOAH WHAT iS THAT??

    3. This 140-character essay on the whole of human history.

    Being 28-2016: I'm not ready for a relationship 28-1816: I have 13 kids 28-1000BC: I lived a good life, thrice I ate a berry and once a pear

    4. This small dog in this very large room.

    I brought my pug to work with me today.

    5. This deep insult.

    most cutting thing you can say is "who's this clown?" because it implies they're a) a clown & b) not even one of the better-known clowns

    6. The spicy meatball baby:

    My little sister's pre-language infancy was spent ardently yet fruitlessly trying to describe a spicy meatball

    7. This woman who you now want to organise your entire life for you.

    This woman on my train looked thrilled to be taking this call.

    8. These cats that are about to crack the case wide open.

    did anybody else think the kittens are the lawyers

    9. This perfect prank.

    Just got to tennis. Boyfriend has taken my racket out and put a frying pan in instead. I'm not even joking.

    10. The best maternity picture you've ever seen.

    My sister's maternity pics...I'm cracking up 😂😂

    11. This woman who got scammed real bad.

    Tried to buy a doormat and here's what arrived: a piece of foam with a photo of the thing I wanted printed on it.

    12. This adorable transformation.

    • Buy pack of Waitrose baby wipes. • Open it. • Pull out wipe. • BABY CHEF!

    13. The tastiest spy you ever met.

    Pleasure to meet you. The name's...

    14. This dissatisfied dad.

    Just picked the 3yo up from nursery. With this. He's just not fucking tried. That's what hurts.

    15. This metaphor for your love life.

    When you're trying super hard to make the relationship work

    16. This super happy bride-to-be.

    17. This picture that you never knew you wanted to see.

    i googled "triangle train" to see if there are any triangle trains and i found a triangle train

    18. The definitive guide to what's goth and what's not goth.

    ugh had to make this guide for my stupid stepdad craig. he just doesnt get it

    19. These sexy flies.

    I'm just minding my own business... and I look down at my wrist and see this....

    20. The best pun ever.

    ME: I'll see you in a month WIFE: Don't forget to write ME: It's highly unlikely I'd forget such a basic skill, Sharon

    21. This girl's deal breaker.

    An actual conversation between me and a girl I was "dating" in 6th grade

    22. This tired commuter.

    23. This cheeky lizard.

    24. This dangerous dog.

    when you're a good boy who's also a little bit of a bad boy

    25. This unusually chill cat.

    it's my goal to be this calm when things are falling apart

    26. This miniature world.

    27. And this EPIC saga.

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