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21 Tiny Things That Really Annoy Tidy People

How anyone can sleep in a bed without sheets is beyond you.

Being a tidy person can sometimes feel like having a curse where you are always slightly annoyed.

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Sometimes you wonder if everyone else is blind to mess.

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Or if they see it and they just don't care.

1. Small things like dirty dishes being left in the sink, rather than just beside the sink, make you murderous.

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Or you know, being washed up straightaway.

2. Toothpaste being treated like this.

Poor toothpaste, trapped behind its dried dead remains.

3. When crumbs somehow get in the butter.

Mmm someone else's old toast dust all over my new toast, just what I always wanted. NOT.

4. When people don't take the 34 seconds to take the old empty toilet roll off the toilet roll holder, and put a new one on.

No one's time is this precious.

5. Or the 23 seconds it takes to put a new bin bag in the bin.

6. Empty containers being mysteriously left in the fridge.

Why? No seriously. Why?

7. When people think that the place for egg shells is back in the egg box, with all the nice unopened eggs.

The place is the bin.

8. Teabags being left to rot in the sink.

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The idea that you need to drain them before putting them in the bin is wrong. The bin is a big boy, it can take the 5 little drips that come out of a wet tea bag.

9. When people stack the dishwasher inefficiently.

Or when they cram too much in and nothing gets clean.

10. When kitchen cupboards don't have a system.

Is that the right place for that mug? Does anyone think that's the right place for that mug???

11. When people leave their shoes wherever they take them off, rather than putting them in a special place.

A special place like their own room.

12. When people open packets wrong.

It's not always cool to be a rebel.

13. When people play bin Jenga.

Every item on top of the already over-stuffed bin just makes it harder for the person that eventually caved and takes out the bin. And that person is usually you.

14. When microwaves are splattered with old food bits.

15. When chairs are not pushed back in under tables.

16. When empty packets are found anywhere except the bin.

17. When you have to leave your bed unmade.

18. When people sleep on beds without sheets.

19. Showers that are covered in mould.

Twitter: @24x7cleaning

And you definitely have judged other people on the state of their bathrooms.

20. When people tidy the kitchen, but then don't finish the job.

Twitter: @kaatieee27

Just put away those three things and wipe the surface, and world order will be restored.

21. Or do the washing up, but don't remove the bits of food from the sink afterwards.

Sometimes for a moment, you think maybe you're being unreasonable, maybe you should just relax a bit.

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But then when everything is perfectly clean and tidy you remember that this is the right way.


You keep doing you.

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