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    19 Times Victoria Coren Mitchell Was Extremely Clever And So Funny

    Oh yeah, and she's like one of the world's best poker players.

    1. When she absolutely read George Osborne on Question Time.

    This is the kind of political insight we need.

    2. When she broadened all of our vocabularies in the best way.

    3. When she tried to clean up British humour.

    4. And the time she called out her own husband-to-be on Would I Lie To You.

    5. When she made this joke which you felt kinda bad for laughing at.

    6. When she tried to be a sporty person.

    7. When she thought of this genius way to make new friends as an adult.

    8. Whenever she takes the mic out of how nerdy all the contestants on Only Connect are.

    9. When she made the classiest dick joke ever.

    BBC /

    "Hello and welcome to Only Connect, and this is a semifinal."

    "Things don't get much bigger than this, although as the word 'semi' suggests, they do get a LITTLE bit bigger."

    10. When she described her experience at the opticians.

    11. Whenever she took no shit from male comedians on panel shows.


    12. When she made Jacob Rees Mogg MP feel mega awkward.

    13. When she ate cake while presenting a quiz show.

    14. When she didn't care about ruining the magic of television.

    15. Whenever she wins world poker tournaments.

    Twitter: @victoriacoren

    She was the first woman to win the European Poker Tour, and the first person to win it twice. So glam.

    16. Every time she advertises her own show like this.

    It's now been hot so long, you're probably wishing for a dark cloud on the horizon. Well here it is: Only Connect is on tonight at 8.30.

    Feeling proud, this glorious Olympic season? Rediscover shame by watching ONLY CONNECT, tonight at 8.30 on BBC Two.

    17. When she was terrible on Celebrity Bake Off .


    18. And wore dark glasses for half the show.

    19. Probably because she was slightly pissed.

    Twitter: @victoriacoren

    But somehow still incredibly classy.