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    30 Times Disney Perfectly Summed Up Your Hangover

    A whole new world of pain.

    1. When you wake up and forget, for a second, where you are and what you did last night.

    2. When you sit up and realise you're still a lil bit tipsy.

    3. And then suddenly the whole room is spinning and you think you might die.

    4. When you're incapable of doing anything but lying down and being still.

    5. When you spend some time just sitting on the edge of your bed, thinking about how many regrets you have.

    6. When your room is an absolute tip and you can't find your phone.

    7. When you look at your texts from the night before.

    8. And then your calls.

    9. And then your bank balance.

    10. When people are trying to talk to you, but you're just not ready for that yet.

    11. When you move too suddenly and you think you're gonna vom.

    12. When you think that you couldn't possibly sink any lower than this.

    13. When the headache hits you, and you try to fight it, but you can't.

    14. When you definitely didn't take your make up off last night.

    15. When you have to do a walk of shame, but you're still a bit merry.

    16. When you have to do a walk of shame and you are not at all merry.

    17. When your friends start telling you all the stuff you said last night.

    18. When you can't decide if food is going to cure you, or make you vom.

    19. When you take a mouthful of food, and then realise it was a terrible mistake.

    20. When your neighbours suddenly decide today is the perfect day to do some drilling.

    21. When you're explaining to your friends exactly what went down last night.

    22. When you have shit to do, and you have to pretend you feel great, when actually you're dying inside.

    23. When you're trying to stay awake but it's really not working.

    24. When you are just done with today.

    25. When you're trying to persuade your friends to come to McDonald's with you in the middle of the day.

    26. When you have to shower sitting down.

    27. When you're trying to get your life together but then another flashback hits you.

    28. When you are convinced that you are never, ever drinking again.

    29. When your friends are all, "come on, come out, hair of the dog." And you are like, "never in a million years."

    30. But then 10 minutes later you've given in.