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18 Things You'll Understand If You're The Grandma Of Your Group

If it was up to you all parties would start at six and be over by ten.

1. Your friends really have to persuade you to leave the house.

2. Except when the plan involves eating something delicious.

3. Whenever you do leave the house there always seems to be music on slightly too loud.

4. When it comes to booze you like quality over quantity.

5. And your booze has to come with food.

6. Your friends always come to you for advice.

7. Probably because you just don't have the patience to sugar-coat stuff.

8. You're not very good at staying up to date with popular culture.

9. You're also bad at keeping up with what's happening on social media.

10. You're easily shocked by your friends stories.

11. You spend your life waiting for your friends to arrive places.

12. But your friends also have to keep reminding you that just because the party says it starts at eight, you don't actually have to arrive on the dot of eight.

13. Your bag is always a fountain of practical items.

14. You always bring a jacket, just in case it gets chilly later.

15. You're the friend that has to tell people when their plans are unrealistic.

16. You often have to remind your friends that not everywhere is half an hour away.

17. You can't really do evenings that start after 9pm.

18. Because they kind of clash with your bedtime.