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21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Met Your Best Friend At School

You know every embarrassing fact about them, and which ones are safe to bring up around fancy new friends.

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3. And you have a collection of embarrassing photos from when people took selfies with actual cameras.

It's also healthy to back stalk them on Facebook occasionally and like their first picture so it pops up on everyone's timelines.


5. They're one of the few people you can bitch about your family to, because they know them almost as well as you do.

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Thanks to you guys staying at each other's family houses nearly every weekend during school.

7. And you definitely know what their mum's best meal is.

And which day they usually have it for dinner, which also just happens to be the day you mainly visit on.


12. The first times you got properly drunk was probably with them.

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Their parents went away for a night and left you two alone in the house, and you probably invited over some members of the opposite sex and stole small amounts of dodge spirits from your parents' drinks cabinet. And it was the most fun you'd ever had.


13. And they were probably there for the first time you got ready for a big night out.


Probably for someone's 16th birthday.

They helped you rub in your foundation line, while you taught them how to do liquid eyeliner.


17. You stalk certain people who you know from school but never talk to any more all the time.

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You often send each other screenshots of particularly good social media updates, and then dare each other to like them.