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    Posted on Oct 10, 2015

    21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Met Your Best Friend At School

    You know every embarrassing fact about them, and which ones are safe to bring up around fancy new friends.

    1. You've both changed a lot in the time you've been friends.

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    2. But you like to remind each other where you came from all the time.

    3. And you have a collection of embarrassing photos from when people took selfies with actual cameras.

    It's also healthy to back stalk them on Facebook occasionally and like their first picture so it pops up on everyone's timelines.

    4. In fact a lot of your friendship is based on embarrassing each other with stories from when you were at school.


    And you will never, ever, forget them.

    5. They're one of the few people you can bitch about your family to, because they know them almost as well as you do.

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    Thanks to you guys staying at each other's family houses nearly every weekend during school.

    6. You had to make small talk to their dad while you waited for them to come to the phone.

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    And sometimes their siblings would pick up the other line and listen in on your conversations.

    7. And you definitely know what their mum's best meal is.

    8. You know exactly how to compliment each other to make each other feel really good.

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    9. Because you've shared every silly insecurity you had with them while you were growing up.


    And a million other thoughts you'd probably never tell anyone else.

    10. In school you probably had some pretty dramatic fights.

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    At the time they felt as big a deal as any break-up.

    11. But now that means you can be brutally honest with each other.

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    Because you know that nothing is going to shake your friendship.

    12. The first times you got properly drunk was probably with them.

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    Their parents went away for a night and left you two alone in the house, and you probably invited over some members of the opposite sex and stole small amounts of dodge spirits from your parents' drinks cabinet. And it was the most fun you'd ever had.

    13. And they were probably there for the first time you got ready for a big night out.


    Probably for someone's 16th birthday.

    They helped you rub in your foundation line, while you taught them how to do liquid eyeliner.

    14. You could write an accurate historical account of everyone they have ever made out with.


    You know who and when their first everything was.

    15. Which means you know their type down to a T.


    Probably even better than them.

    16. They were the friend you blamed when you typed something racy in MSN and then said, "OMG sorry my friend sent that."

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    And you would send each other all your MSN flirting attempts.

    17. You stalk certain people who you know from school but never talk to any more all the time.

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    You often send each other screenshots of particularly good social media updates, and then dare each other to like them.

    18. You learned dance routines together that you can't seem to forget.

    And if the songs come on you automatically still do all the same moves.

    19. They've been there for you through all your stupid crises about people you don't even care about any more.

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    And through all the ones which were actually a big deal.

    20. You never need to explain anything to them.


    They just understand you, because they know all your backstory and what makes you, you.

    21. You will still be friends when you're old and wrinkly.


    And you'll still bring up that time they threw up all over themselves in the bath at their own party.

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