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17 Things You Know If You Hate Air Conditioning With A Passion

You'd just rather be hot.

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6. You like the natural breeze from an open window.

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7. You love feeling your hair blow in the breeze of an open car window.

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8. Over-enthusiastic air-conditioning can ruin the cinema for you.

Emmas 'too cold' in the cinema Hahahaha wit a melter

If it's hot outside and you're wearing shorts then you don't want it to be jumper weather in the cinema.


10. You'd rather sleep in your birthday suit on top of the covers, than wake up freezing in the night in the middle of August.

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12. Whenever it was nice weather you'd work outside in a park if you could.

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In a nice shady spot.


13. If you do get too hot jumping into a pool would be your ideal way to cool off.

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14. But you'll happily settle for a cold drink and an open window in the shade.

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15. You even prefer the more natural cooling of a regular old fan!

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Even the noise is more soothing.

17. In summary: Just open a window.

Air conditioning is the worst decision we have made i think

I don't want to be refrigerated!