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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    21 Things You'll Understand If You Really Hate Baked Beans

    Beanphobia is real, and it's not funny.

    1. Ever since you can remember you have hated everything about baked beans.

    2. You can't stand the way they look.

    3. And the way they smell makes you gag.

    Flickr: landotter

    So sickly, so sweet, so wrong.

    4. They are clearly swimming in way too much sauce and it gives you the heebie-jeebies.

    Flickr: bluebus

    The sauce seems to get everywhere and touch all other food on the plate and it is just wrong.

    5. You always have to ask for no beans every single time you want a full English.

    Flickr: joits

    The waitress will give you a funny look, but there is no way you are eating that devil food.

    6. When someone forgets you hate beans and puts some on your plate it feels like your whole meal is contaminated.

    Twitter: @loftylotty / Creative Commons

    And scraping it off is not the same because the sauce will be left behind. And it is the sauce that is truly evil.

    7. You couldn't possibly eat any food that has come into direct contact with bean juice.

    8. They are even worse eaten cold, straight out of the can.

    9. The threat of bean juice touching your food, or just the wrong food, stresses you out.

    10. You have been conditioned to deal with it when someone next to you is eating them with the right foods, like bacon, but when they pop up unexpectedly it's hard to handle.

    11. But somehow they are worst when they are just on their own. In all their gloopy glory.

    12. You hate having to wash up pans that have contained beans, especially when the bean juice has cooked on a bit.

    13. When people tease you about your beanphobia you can't find it funny.

    14. You know your fear of beans is irrational.

    Flickr: moe

    They are edible normal food and are probably not that bad really.

    15. But when you see or smell beans, your body just says no.

    Flickr: claudius9uk

    Even looking at the large amount of beans on this picture is uncomfortable.

    16. Beans with sausages are also evil.

    17. Spaghetti hoops are equally bad, if not worse.

    18. And alphabet spaghetti is extra evil because it encourages people to play with it.

    19. The larger the quantity of beans, the worse everything is.

    Flickr: tuba

    That is just a fact.

    20. Getting into a bath of baked beans is your absolute nightmare.

    Flickr: blackplastic / Creative Commons


    21. And looking at all these pictures was actually a traumatic experience for you.


    Shhhh, don't worry, it's over now.

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