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    17 Things You'll Understand If You Can't Dress For Summer

    Autumn clothes > summer clothes.

    1. You've never felt comfortable in summer clothes.

    2. They tend to involve showing a lot of skin.


    Hanging out naked is great, hanging out naked and sweaty in public can be not so great.

    3. If you want to avoid being nude, you can wear a floaty tent to keep cool.

    4. Whatever you wear it will probably involve the horrible sensation of sweaty skin touching sweaty skin.

    5. It's impossible to find a pair of shorts that covers your whole bum, and doesn't make you feel like a Frumpy Mcfrumpington.

    6. Summer is best for wearing no clothes at all and lying on the ground in a starfish shape.


    But sadly this isn't office appropriate.

    7. You feel most comfortable wearing your biggest jumper.

    8. Jeans are your default outfit.

    9. And leggings are your best friend.

    10. Big woolly tights might be the most comfortable item of clothing out there.

    11. Layering makes you very happy.

    12. You feel kind of naked without a jacket.

    13. Big scarves make you feel safe, while summer hats make you feel a bit like an idiot.

    14. Boots are definitely your friend, and flip flops are your enemy.

    15. In summer you have to be on the lookout for sweat patches at all times.

    16. There seems to be so few summer options in your wardrobe.


    Because you can pretty much only wear one or two items of clothing at a time. But in the winter you can wear the same jeans for weeks and just mix up your jumpers and no one will notice.

    17. You've had enough summer now and are 100% ready for jumper season.


    Bring on the layers!

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