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18 Things You'll Only Get If You're The One Who's Always Early

It's not cool to be early, but if you're late you have a little melt down.

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1. The idea of being late makes you incredibly anxious.

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7. You spend a lot of time waiting in cafés, restaurants, and bars, on your own, waiting for your friends to show.

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But you'd rather wait than have the panic of being late, so you don't mind.

8. You have to stop yourself from texting the person you're meeting asking where they are, until they are at least five minutes late.

9. You find it really hard to be late to stuff on purpose, so you're usually the first to turn up at a party.


You think you're playing it cool if you turn up half an hour after the start time.

13. But if you go somewhere with a fellow early person you'll egg each other on so much you'll probably arrive the day before.

16. Being early is always more relaxing, you can get a coffee, or read.

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