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18 Things You'll Only Get If You're The One Who's Always Early

It's not cool to be early, but if you're late you have a little melt down.

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1. The idea of being late makes you incredibly anxious.

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2. The thought of someone waiting for you is just awful.

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You don't want to waste anybody's time or make them bored, or cold.

3. And the idea of missing a train, or a plane is unthinkable.


You obviously get to the airport three hours early.

4. You take it really personally when someone is late to meet you.

You can't get it out of your head that they have made you wait.
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You can't get it out of your head that they have made you wait.

5. Especially when someone's only excuse is "I lost track of time."


Who does that? Do other people not have a constant sense of time's ever moving presence?

6. And you just can't help but judge people who are always consistently late.


7. You spend a lot of time waiting in caf├ęs, restaurants, and bars, on your own, waiting for your friends to show.

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But you'd rather wait than have the panic of being late, so you don't mind.

8. You have to stop yourself from texting the person you're meeting asking where they are, until they are at least five minutes late.


If it's someone who knows you well you call them at two minutes past.

9. You find it really hard to be late to stuff on purpose, so you're usually the first to turn up at a party.


You think you're playing it cool if you turn up half an hour after the start time.

10. The very few times you are accidentally late cause you to have a minor breakdown.


If you're travelling with someone and you might miss a train, you are hell to be around.

11. The most frustrating thing is waiting for someone else to get ready so you can leave to go somewhere.


12. If your partner or friend is a late person you will have had arguments about it.


And you will have tried to give them fake times to get them to leave the house on time.

13. But if you go somewhere with a fellow early person you'll egg each other on so much you'll probably arrive the day before.


The "just in case" scenarios get a bit out of control.

14. You have been known to wait round corners until it's an acceptable time to arrive somewhere.


15. It's incredibly hard for you not to be embarrassingly early for job interviews and dates.


The fear of being late is just too much.

16. Being early is always more relaxing, you can get a coffee, or read.

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17. Though realistically you just spend the extra time trying to look busy on your phone.

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God forbid you have to wait somewhere without internet.

18. You'd never not want to be an early person.

Even if that means you have to do some waiting occasionally, at least you can sleep easy knowing you weren't late.