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    21 Things You'll Get If You're Happiest When You Stay In

    FOMO doesn't feature in your vocabulary.

    1. No matter how much you stay in you seem to be constantly exhausted.

    Every morning when my alarm goes off, I think "This is the worst thing that has EVER happened."

    Going to work is just a lot of effort.

    2. You are happiest when you don't move from your sofa for several hours.

    3. You know that it's not a true night in unless you've got an elasticated waistband.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    You are not an amateur at this.

    4. It's not like you're sitting around doing nothing – you have a busy schedule.

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    5. You really enjoy eating home cooking, and would so much rather have a proper meal than a rushed snack at the end of a night.

    6. Or a takeaway, which is like going to a restaurant but never leaving the house.

    7. If you have a pet, you miss hanging out with them every time you have a night out.

    8. You never get bored of staying in.


    As long as you have TV, internet, and food you're happy.

    9. It's not that you don't like hanging out with your friends.


    10. It's just you'd rather do it in the daytime when you're not sleepy.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    You love brunch completely non-ironically.

    11. Though your favourite type of socialising is when other people come to your house.

    Like getting a takeaway, but with friends.

    12. You are an expert at thinking up creative bailing excuses.

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    You've had so many "stomach bugs".

    13. Though you're so experienced at this you've probably just started telling the truth.


    Your friends know what you're like now anyway.

    14. If you have one or two going-out plans, you know you'll want to stay in the rest of the week.

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    You'll need at least one evening to do laundry, and then several just to lie on the sofa and never move.

    15. You might even have a sofa-based hobby that you're eager to get home to every evening.

    16. Your ideal evening definitely involves being asleep by 11.


    Which probably means getting ready for bed at 10:30.

    17. You are a rare sighting at after-work drinks.

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    Because anytime someone asks you, you can hear your sofa softly calling to you in the distance.

    18. Plans that involve no allocated time for eating really stress you out.


    You get grumpy when you're hungry.

    19. You rarely suffer from FOMO.

    Comedy Central

    20. But you sometimes fake it so as not to be rude.


    "Oh, I was so sad to miss your birthday last week." – Actually very happy to have spent a lovely evening alone watching TV.

    21. You're in a committed relationship with your home, and you wouldn't have it any other way.


    You live a very relaxing lifestyle.

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