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22 Things That Will Be Way Too Real If You're A Girl Who Likes Girls

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1. Spotting a lesbian in the wild can be tricky.

Especially since everyone and their mother seems to be wearing a plaid shirt and a beanie these days.

4. Even if you have a girlfriend you still get that useful monthly reminder that you're not pregnant.

Another month passes by where you weren't chosen for immaculate conception.


7. Sometimes it seems like the only time girls hit on you is when they want a threesome with their boyfriend.


9. Occasionally you use the world gay as an insult because you're so used to hearing it that way.

But also you can say what you like, because you actually are a bit gay. 👯

10. Some stereotypes are painfully true.

It seems like commitment issues aren't all thaaat common in the lesbian community.


14. And even though The L Word wasn't the best show you've ever seen, it's pretty much all you've got, so you've watched it all twice.

And discussed who all your lesbian crew would be. No one can be Shane, she's not of this world.

15. We had to wait like 6 years after Grindr first hit the scene before we finally got our own app that people actually use.

And even though it's overly complicated, hard to work, and sometimes decides to send all your messages in the wrong order, we're very grateful for it.


17. If your straight friends meet a lesbian they will try and set you up with her.


And at first you’re like, “God, is it just because we’re both gay?"

And then you remember that lesbians are few and far between and you're like, "give me her number."

19. And trying to flirt with a girl that you're not sure is on your team is a minefield.

21. Basically, to find other girls to get with you have to be savvy.

22. Because a single, hot, girl who's into girls can sometimes seem like an endangered species.