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    12 Things You'll Only Get If You Hate Wearing A Bra

    They are boob prisons.

    1. As soon as you get home your bra comes off.

    2. The whole time you are wearing a bra you are ~aware~ of it.

    3. You try to buy the most comfortable bras possible, but unfortunately these are also the ugliest.

    4. Your bra can fit fine one day, and yet the next it's like your boobs are on an escape mission.

    5. A bra that looks and feels great standing up will become gappy and dig in as soon as you lie down.

    6. Which means you spend a lot of time trying to subtly scoop and tug your boobs back into their assigned seats.

    7. When you take off your bra you are usually left with scars of where it has been.

    8. Bra fans will say you're just wearing the wrong size, but you know that whatever size you wear, your boobs will always long for freedom.

    9. Maybe it's because your breasts just aren't bra-shaped.

    10. If you don't wear a bra you have to deal with your nipples constantly saying hello to everyone you meet.

    11. And of course you have to hold them whenever you have to do any serious movement.

    12. Whatever you wear on your boobs, you have to admit that they look pretty good in everything.