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    17 Things You'll Only Understand If You Live With Your Best Friends

    Staying in > going out.

    1. Staying in can be more fun than going out.

    2. Sometimes you'll accidentally stay up until 1am just talking.

    3. And errands can actually become fun too.

    4. Your wardrobe miraculously doubles in size.

    5. You have someone to moan to as soon as you get in from work.

    6. You know literally everything about your housemates, from how they like their tea, to when they like to go to the bathroom for a long time with their phone.

    7. When you eventually decide to go out, you always have someone to get drunk with before you leave.

    8. You never have to turn up to a party alone.

    9. And when the party sucks you'll have someone to ditch it to eat drunk food with.

    10. But the best bit is having someone who will actually care for you when you're hungover.

    11. You always have someone there when you just need an emergency spoon.

    12. Wearing clothes and showering are completely optional if you're not gonna leave the house.

    13. You never have to have catch-ups with your housemates, because they tell you stuff as soon as it happens.

    14. When something breaks in your house you'll all figure out how to make it kind of work together.

    15. You never have to be passive aggressive, you can skip to just being aggressive.

    16. Unless it's a single serving dessert, all food is basically communal.

    17. And you know they'll always be there when you really need them.